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HYMENECTOMY. Hymen anomalies like imperforate hymen, annular hymen,   Chapter-17 Hymenectomy, Labial Fusion Release, Introital Widening, Schuchardt's Incision. By: Neerja Goel, Rajni Gill (2007). Edition : 1/e  The success of the pro-cedure depends on the exposure gained by Schuchardt's vaginal incision on one or pre-ferably both sides of the vagina.

Schuchardt incision

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A Schuchardt incision is frequently performed to facilitate access to the parametrium during radical vaginal hysterectomy for cervical cancer. Recurrence in a Schuchardt incision after Schauta-Amreich radical vaginal hysterectomy for cervical cancer. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 2006. Gunda Pristauz. Raimund Winter.

The Pfannenstiel incision Pfannenstiel-Schnitt {m}med.

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This incision can increase room in the vagina so as to aid in difficult vaginal surgeries. 2006-08-24 Radical lateral (Schuchardt incision) Generally considered a non-obstetrical incision, it is a fully extended episiotomy, deep into one vaginal sulcus and is curved downward and laterally part way around the rectum.

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Prophylactic intravenous Unasyn 1.5 g tds was given for one day.

Schuchardt incision

Pierre-Marie Brechard.
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This incision allows for a widening of the vaginal access to the uterus and its ligaments. Radical lateral (Schuchardt incision) Radical lateral episiotomy is often considered to be a non-obstetrical incision.

Incision médiolatérale du tiers inférieur du vagin et des téguments facilitant la réalisation d’une hystérectomie vaginale. K. A. Schuchardt, chirurgien allemand (1856-1901) The incision is ended at the level of commissure not to disturb the buccal and marginal mandibular branches of the facial nerve.
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Location Information. FHH Emergency Dept. 400 W 7th St Frederick, MD 21701 240-566-3500 · Get Directions  1 Mar 2016 Vaginal incisions used to improve exposure include the Dührssen incision and the Schuchardt incision.

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The surgeon must ensure that normal anatomy has been restored after vaginal hysterectomy. Information about the SNOMED CT code 176653008 representing Schuchardt's incision. vaginal myomectomy and Schuchardt's incision were used to help to complete the operation. A Foley's bladder catheter and a vaginal pack was left routinely for 24 hours in all cases. Prophylactic intravenous Unasyn 1.5 g tds was given for one day.

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Neglect of a vaginal pessary can lead to serious complications.